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The Painted Finish offers Painting Services to the City of Oakley homeowners.   If you own a home or a building in the City of Oakley and it’s time to get it refreshed and painted than give us a call and request an in person free estimate.

About Us

The Painted Finish is a licensed painting contractor in California.  Our office is in Oakley, CA and we service locations all over the East Bay area and San Joaquin County.  If you wouldlike a free estimate fill in our contact us forms.

Exterior and Interior painting of residential and commercial buildings.  Fence, Decks, Barns, Hospitals, Office Buildings, HOA’s, Restaurants and Multi Family Painting projects.

In this area you can type a quick description of the project. A sentence or two just running down the type of project it is and the result you achieved.

Example – The XYZ Street project was a distressed multi-family property located in Anytown USA where the seller wanted to retire and rid himself of the management issues. We acquired the property and brought it up to performing status.

Types of Challenges

In this area, briefly describe any challenges or hurdles you had with the project.

Example – This property had been neglected for the past decade and had a lot of deferred maintenance. As a result the vacancy rate was 30%+ and the owner of the property was worn out from worrying about the property. The owner wanted a fair price but more than anything just wanted to sell the property, put cash in his pocket, and retire.


Briefly describe the solution that your company brought to the project.

Example – After talking to the property owner and finding out his goals and motivations with the sale, we all agreed that an outright purchase by our company was the best win-win solution for everyone. So we purchased the property for $XXX,XXX with a combination of cash, partners, and bank financing.  Once we took ownership of the property we invested heavily into renovating the property and catching up all deferred maintenance, upgrading the inside of the units, outside landscaping, and as a result were able to increase rents and fill the vacant units quickly. This project was a success all around for everyone.

Here is an Example of a Cabinet Painting Project