Newly Built Homes Trending Smaller

Newly Built Homes Trending Smaller

The Closet Factory Director of social media sent in this nice article
that I felt should be included in this website since “closet organization”
is such a hot and necessary topic these days and home improvement contractors
will be interested in this product for their customers.
My name is Dan Moyer Jr. and I’m the National Director of Social Media
for Closet Factory. We’ve been the custom closet and storage authority
for over 30 years, growing into a national network of franchise

Newly built homes are trending smaller, forcing homebuyers to get
creative with their storage. In fact, we’ve seen a wave of homebuyers
choosing to remodel their closet and pantry spaces immediately after
moving in. Why? Because home builders are installing closet systems
with a rod and single shelf – not exactly the ‘dream closet’ some
first time homebuyers expect.

Walls beds, too, are making a comeback. They’re a great way to turn
any room – from a home office to the living room – into a flex space,
creating plenty of room to entertain guests.
Would love to talk to you more about some of the housing and interior
design trends we’ve seen.


National Director of Social Media


12800 S. Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90061

(310) 516-7000 ext. 225

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