Newly Built Homes Trending Smaller

Newly Built Homes Trending Smaller The Closet Factory Director of social media sent in this nice article that I felt should be included in this website since “closet organization” is such a hot and necessary topic these days and home improvement contractors will be interested in this product for their customers. ============================================================================== My name is … Continued

How to – Water Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup While hurricanes and floods are the cause of thousands of water damage claims each year, water damage isn’t limited to the wrath of storms. Burst pipes, clogged water lines, toppled water heaters, overflowing toilets, and automatic fire sprinklers also cause their fair share of flooding. Not only must you stop the water … Continued

How to Stop Water Damage

How to Stop Water Damage The best way for a beginner to deal with water damage is to be prepared before your living room gets turned into the world’s most shallow swimming pool! First of all, do you know where your water shut-off valves are? One night I was awakened by the sound of hissing … Continued

Is Chlorine Bleach the Best Way to Kill Mold?

Is Chlorine Bleach the Best Way to Kill Mold? Chlorine Bleach Is the Best Way To Kill Mold – Right? Wrong! So there is some black mold in your basement, laundry room, bathroom or around that pesky damp spot in your ceiling. No problem, just grab some of that mold killer you bought at the … Continued

Storm Damaged House

Storm Damaged House After a major storm many homes suffer storm damage.   The repairs can vary widely depending on the extent of damage.   Sometimes the storm damaged house can be mitigated quickly without much disruption to the homeowners but when the storm damage is severe it will require more complex mitigation and reconstruction.   It is important for … Continued

Soggy, Smelly and Stained Wet Carpet Issues

Soggy, Smelly, and Stained: Wet Carpet Issues Whether your toilet overflowed, water heater sprung a leak, rain poured in through a hole in your roof, or some other flooding calamity occurred, wet carpet must be dealt with ASAP. Allowing wet carpet to remain soaked leads to numerous problems including: organic decay, fiber deterioration, delaminating, heavy … Continued

The Palms San Francisco Condos Painters

The Palms San Francisco Condo’s Painters If you have purchased one of the beautiful The Palms San Francisco Condos Painters and if you are looking for a top notch reliable painting contractor to paint your condo before you move in or move out call for a Free Painting Estimate. The Palms San Francisco Condos Painters … Continued